Monday, February 2, 2009

Another woman I admire: Mrs. R

Any of you out there do any blog stalking? Admit it, you know you do. Once in a while, you stumble across some random blog and you bookmark it, because you love the way the person writes, or the photography on the site, or the cool links they have on the sidebar. Whatever the reason, I am sure this has happened to some of you.

Yes, I am a blog stalker. That is how I found Mrs. R at the R House. Her real name is Lindsey Redfern and she is awesome. Way awesome. I love reading her blog. I love how she writes. I love how she advocates for adoption, a subject very close to my heart, and clearly dear to hers. I love learning more about her generous personality. I love being able to pray for the trials she is going through in her life right now. Don't love that she has trials, but I am grateful I am able to keep her dear family in my prayers.

One of my favorite things about Mrs. R is that she will often highlight other bloggers or friends and their stories dealing with adoption. She is very positive and very passionate, but also completely honest about the many difficulties (on all sides) involved in adoption.

I love, love, love Mrs. R.

Here is a video she shared recently that I also think is great:

Hey, you, even if you don't have time right now, please go check out her site. She welcomes blog stalkers, as long as you promise to be friendly.


Chrislynn said...

I totally have a couple blogs that I "stalk", I know someone who calls it blurking (blog lurking). I haven't gotten up the courage to comment on their blogs yet, but maybe I would make a new friend or two. Maybe I will do a little stalking on Mrs. R's blog. Love you!

Kim said...

I have actually blurked on Mrs. R's blog from the link on your blog before. I like that she expresses herself without apology. She's a good writer, too. AND it's about one of my favorite topics! Loved the video, by the way. Thanks for sharing.

mrs. r said...

ahhh, so nice!

thanks for the shout out.

...and as always, thanks for reading.