Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am going to be a guest blogger on mrs. r's blog

Remember mrs r? Remember how I told you how super awesome she is. Well, she told me she thinks I am kind of awesome, too, and she wanted to feature me as a guest blogger on her blog. What an honor that will be. But I am not going to be around today, to see if it happens today, and to welcome any guests here that come here from her site.

Cub scout day camp duties take me up on the mountain this morning.

But if you are a visitor and love adoption like I do, you are welcome to click on the post label for adoption to read a little more about my adoption story.

If you just want to read some random posts by me, I recommend this one.

And maybe this one.

This one, too, if you want to hear me rant a bit.

And I would recommend you check out the Women Who Inspire Me button on my sidebar, if you want.

Welcome, visitors.

I still love, love, LOVE mrs. r!


Becks said...

Inspiring! Love you!!!

Kathy said...

Nan: I read what you had to say in the other blog and enjoyed it. I respect you so much for sharing your story. Everyone on this earth lives a different story--all of us could write a novel, but it takes courage to be so honest and willing to help others make choices. I love reading your story and the reasons you made your choices. You have a lot of guts, girl!

malandbrian said...

Nan you are a great writer, I love reading about your story!

Kayela said...

Good job. let us know when you post it.