Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey, I have been kind of busy since that last post. Just wanted to let you know, I am doing better. I think a big part of that was just getting out how I was feeling, some of it thoughts and emotions I hadn't even known I was feeling until I wrote them out.

I have some ideas for some blog posts coming up. I have to admit, I think part of why I have a hard time blogging is my computer is out in the family room, and sometimes I don't like trying to work on it while people are around, plus I don't feel like being down in the dungeon at night after everyone has finally gone to bed. Not to mention the fact that once everyone has gone to bed that is usually when I do all my chores. I am not very productive at that kind of stuff when I have an audience or too many "helpers". That is something I know I need to do better. I need to delegate some of my chores and let my "helpers" do them how they will.

But hey, I needed to replace the most recent post with one that is less whiny.

The above picture is Garrett with the high school wrestling team. We spent many weekends and evenings cheering for these boys the past several weeks. It has really been something I have enjoyed, although I know it was rough for Garrett. That part was hard for me, too. Watching him grapple with boys who weighed half his weight more than him. He was wrestling the lowest weight class--103 pounds, but he only weighed 70. That is like a 103 pounder wrestling in the 155 weight class. Crazy stuff. So many people were impressed with him, even though he only won 2 matches all year, both pins. I witnessed one in Page, and the grin on his face! I was just taking it all in, but I wish I would have gotten a picture.

His first pin I missed. I can't even tell you why I chose not to go to that tournament. It was the first tournament of the year, in Panguitch, and I wasn't there. But I got a phone call from him. "Mom, I won a match. He was ahead of me 9 points to zero and there was one second left in the third period and I pinned him." What?! I was thrilled for him. Wow, he did it! And then he even bore his testimony in church on why you should persevere to the end, because it is worth it.

Of course, I beat myself up for missing it. And then when the parents who were there described to me about how all the other boys on the team lifted him onto their shoulders and cheered for him. Oh, I would have loved to have seen that! Still, thank you, Pam Hosler, for putting that image in my head. It really endeared all the other boys to me even more.

I loved being able to cheer for the boys on that team. I think Garrett had some good times with them as well. He can be quite a character.

But wrestling people so much bigger than him, and sometimes much more experienced than him, I think took a toll on Garrett. He just missed going to State--they took 6 from the region and he was the 7th. The coach said he could still go with the team to State (to cheer for the other boys) if he went to the three practices last week. He made it to the first, but then he told me he really didn't want to go to State. He was done with wrestling.

I was honestly surprised, at the beginning of the season, when he told me he was going to wrestle. I hadn't even considered it an option. He was just too small. But he wanted to do it, and I wasn't going to stop him. So often the coach told him he wished the other boys on the team would wrestle with as much heart as he does. Still, it has to be hard, wrestling your heart out only to lose over and over.

I am so proud of him. And proud of those other boys who wrestled for San Juan this year. Being a wrestler isn't always the most popular thing, but there they were, representing our school. Some of those guys were wrestling for the first time, and doing awesome at that. Thanks, Garrett for being the great kid that you are (in more than just wrestling). You teach me so much about strength and character. All the time. I love you.

On to the next thing, which is Tyler's JO Volleyball tournaments coming up for the next several weekends. She is loving it, and whether her team wins or loses, I think she is going to have a great time.

Me, I have been working on that little crochet project, and the truth is, it is kind of messy, but I don't mind too much. And I haven't set a regular exercise plan yet, but I have been down at the new rec center, playing basketball and volleyball with my kids. A good friend took me to lunch the other day, and both of us are determined to make a point of getting away for more girl time.

Things are looking up.


Chrislynn said...

I cried reading this. Imagining that match where he got his first pin, it sounds like the climax to a movie. That kid does have so much heart!

Tim and Nancy said...

We are so proud of Garrett.