Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love-ing Tennis Camp

This summer, my three girls participated in tennis camp.  It was their first time learning to play tennis, and even though none of them were even remotely close to competing in the championship in their respective tournaments at the end of the camp, I think they all really enjoyed themselves, and that is what is most important.

Olivia won a couple matches before she was beat out in the double elimination tournament.  She had some good hits, and even got a couple serves over the net.  The tournament for her age group included the most competitors and lasted several hours.  It was very entertaining to watch those young kids try to hit the ball.

Rachel's tournament was the following day.  There were not as many competitors in her age group, but they were definitely more skilled.  During Olivia's tournament, the "officials"--players on the high school tennis team helping with the camp--would actually throw the ball over the net to "serve" if the player couldn't get their first serve over the net.  This was not the case during Rachel's tournament.  Rachel had some good matches, but she ended up winning one and then being eliminated after losing the next two.  Rachel was very frustrated when she lost, but we hope she will still continue to play.  I think she just needs a lot more experience.  I also didn't realize how competitive she is at heart.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as she doesn't get too discouraged by her losses and uses them to drive her to do better in the future.

Tyler was too cool to let me take her pictures, but I got a few shots anyway.

Tyler's bracket was extremely competitive.  She looked awesome and had some great hits, but she was definitely out-classed.  I think, like the other girls, she just needs more experience.  She had a fabulous time hanging out with her friends at the tournament, even after she was eliminated.

I hope all three girls can grow to love tennis (even though their scores sure had a lot of "LOVE's").  I think it could be a sport they could really enjoy, any time.  By the way, Tyler's shirt reads:  "What's better than great? . . .Me."  I think the Barton girls are definitely better than great.  Thanks, Colette Lyman and the tennis team for filling our summer with tennis fun!

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