Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Overwhelmingly Overdue

I have a thousand and one posts to catch up on, but until I do, here is a {somewhat} brief summary of what we have been up to these past several months:

 In July, we went to Lagoon with our cousins and Grandma Carol and Papa Joe.  Jennilyn and her kids joined us, as well as Shondell and her kids.  Kimberlee came down and played with us, too.  We spent three nights at the Lagoon campground and two days in the park, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Abbey joined us too at Lagoon on Saturday.  The girls were THRILLED to have her there!  Lagoon was a blast.  Everyone had a marvelous time.  I promise I will post more details later. 

We shopped, and shopped and shopped for new school clothes.  And everyone looked very stylish on their first day of school.

But the only pictures I got were of Olivia and Rachel

We made it to Lake Powell on Labor Day and WE LOVED IT!  Thanks to our good friends the Berretts for taking us with them

It was a lovely day in the sun and on the water

Tyler and Garrett competed in Cross Country

Cole played his first year of high school football.  He played on the C team and on the JV team.  Some of his best plays happened later in the year on the JV team, but I didn't get any decent pictures.  Cole worked out and improved throughout the season.  He is proving that you don't have to be big in size to play big.

We moved.  We found someone to rent our house in the Fifth Ward, and another family hoping to buy our home once they sell theirs.  We now live in the Second Ward, close to the middle school and high school and the Stake Center, where we now attend church.  It is a beautiful home, in a really nice neighborhood, with a great yard with mature landscaping.  FYI, moving sucks.  But I do believe our family can be really happy in this home, for several years to come.

Garrett competed in the Mr. San Juan Pageant.  This was the evening wear portion.  Hmm.

Olivia had a birthday.  She is eight.

She was so excited to be baptized by her dad

I got to see Wicked in Las Vegas with my mother-in-law and sisters.  Thanks again, Charlene!  It was the best time!

Garrett competed with a scene from Romeo and Juliet with his girlfriend Jessie McDaniel.  My girls were amazed to see them kiss on stage.  (They are not together anymore, though)

The girls and I traveled to Logan for the blessing of Chrislynn's baby, Josie.

Chrislynn sewed the dress herself, including gorgeous smocking on the front.  It was really beautiful!

I got caught speeding on the way home (outside of Ogden), and received a warning and a seat belt  violation (Rachel).  Ugh!  It only happens to me when I am driving alone with the girls.

Britt has been teaching the Missionary Prep class for a few years now.  They have seen a great deal of success in the class, and since the announcement by the prophet that young men can serve at age 18, and young women at 19, the class went from averaging about ten students to thirty plus.  It is exciting and overwhelming for Britt.  He does a great job with these young men and women!

You may know Halloween happened, and crazy hair day and other events, and I did not get any pictures, so there will be no posts about that this year.  Sorry.

And of course, I have several posts as well from last year and earlier this year.

But hey, I blogged.  {pats self on back}  And you know what else?  Since we got better high speed internet here, it didn't take nearly as long to upload those pictures, so really I have no excuse.  I promise I will try to post more, if not today, soon.  Thanks for reading.


Chrislynn said...

Yay, you blogged!!! I need copies of the pictures you took when you came up.

Gail said...

I have to tell you I love it, but I have no right to bug anyone about blogging, right?