Friday, August 23, 2013

How was your summer?

My summer ran away from me.  It literally ran away from me.  I just wasn't watching for one second and then suddenly it was gone.  I was left thinking, "Wait, how can summer be over?!"  Thank goodness the kids are in school again, but I feel like I missed all the spaces in between.  Anyone else feel like that?

So, I thought I would post some pictures for you from our summer vacation, and I have realized we have really had quite a summer.  It has just been so super busy that it hasn't really felt like a vacation.  I'm not complaining, but man! I do feel like I missed the leisurely aspect of a lazy summer.  None of that for us, thank you very much! :(

Okay, see if you can catch your breath while I run you through our summer:

Rachel graduated from elementary school and the fifth grade.  Isn't she adorable?  Tyler and I stayed up till after midnight the night before to make her money lei.

Cole and Preston won the cardboard boat race.  It was the friday after school got out and there was only one other contestant.  The water at Recapture is so low, it was actually a good year to attempt a full crossing, because they didn't have as far to go.  Nobody's boat sank, so that was a nice bonus :)

The bottom of the cardboard "boat" had been encased in layers of wood glue and shellac.  But, as you can see, it was pretty soggy still at the end of the race.  I think they had fun.  I just think it's too bad more people didn't participate.

Garrett left us.

It was the last week of school when I got a text from my brother-in-law Richie Call.  He works for the theatre department at Utah State University in Logan.  Earlier in the year, he had told us about the summer internship with the Old Lyric Repertory Theatre and Utah State.  Garrett applied and tried out, but in April, we learned he didn't make the cut.  Then, Richie called and told me someone had dropped out and he had recommended Garrett to fill the spot.  Could he do it?  Yes!  We were thrilled that Garrett could do something he loves this summer (and get college credit and get paid for it--Bonus!).  But because of the rigorous nature of the program, Garrett would not be able to take any breaks all summer.  That meant we wouldn't get to see him all summer until practically right before school started again.  That is, we wouldn't get to see him unless we went up there to Logan.

We were lucky that he was able to stay with Chrislynn and Richie at their home while he did the internship.  It was so fun for me to get to visit my sister and her family, when I dropped him off, when we brought him his truck and when we came to see a couple of his plays.  I was thrilled to be able to get a little more culture in my life.  I love going to the theatre.  Of course, it meant quite a bit of traveling this summer (and that was only a small part of the traveling we did this summer).

All three of my girls (and Olivia's friend Aysia Pehrson) participated in 4H Quilt Camp with Grandma Gail.  Aysia won Best of Show for her rag flag at the San Juan County Fair.

Wow, that was just May!  Yeah, I have a ton more things to post, but I think they will have to be separate posts.  Yes, it has been quite a summer!

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