Monday, June 10, 2013

Part Three of Hosting Our Good Friends

There are parts of our "backyard" that are absolutely gorgeous when the sun in shining, but obviously harder to see when there is no sun, especially when you are viewing it through blowing snow or fog.  This first picture is looking down at the top of the switchbacks that take you down into the Valley of the Gods/Monument Valley area.  For some reason, the name of the vista escapes me.  It was eery to just see dense fog that felt almost tangible, filling a void that was so expansive, without the fog you could have seen for miles, not to mention the massive drop off below us that was sneakily disguised by the fog.

This is what Goosenecks looks like without the sun

the sunbathing woman on the hillside by Mexican Hat didn't see any sun that day

Near Bluff, down in the Sand Island area, we stopped off the highway to check out the ancient pictures on the rock.  The weather was a little more pleasant down here.

We had a lovely lunch at Twin Rocks there in Bluff, another place we like to take our guests for good food.  No pictures of that, either, but it was perfect.

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