Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Easter Egg Hunt at the City Park

I will be honest with you, it was a bit of a disappointment.

The weather was cold (of course).  It has been so windy and rainy in past years that they have had to move it inside the high school--which was disastrous for some, because they didn't give the folks who expected it to be up at the Walter C. Lyman Park (the venue used years ago) enough time to relocate to the high school.  In that case, some kids came home with buckets of eggs and many left empty-handed.

Most of my kids would have gone home empty-handed on this occasion, if it weren't for the generosity of cousins and friends.  My girls are just not aggressive enough.  And there were not even close to enough eggs available for the amount of people attending.  I brought Thomas and Timothy along, because they were visiting our house after the Rotary Club Polio Run.  When we first arrived, five minutes before the start, I thought the kids might have fun, but I thought there were not nearly enough eggs covering the grass for the amount of people.  And in those few five minutes, the amount of kids there doubled, at least.

Rachel said at least four times she went after an egg and someone else grabbed it right as she was reaching for it.  She even had an egg in her hand one time that someone took out of her hand.  The people in charge did not announce a limit to the amount of eggs the kids could get, but that was basically irrelevant.  The kids who got the most eggs probably came away with six, maybe eight tops.  The ground basically should have been almost completely covered with eggs, but it wasn't.

There were way too many people there for Gavin's liking.  And he couldn't have cared less about those eggs, anyway.

Timothy was ready to go.  He ended up sharing his haul with his cousins, Rachel and Olivia.

This is just before the crowds really started massing

If they look a little disappointed, it is because they are.

But hey, it was fun to get to play at the park for a little while.  Thanks, Aysia Pehrson, Thomas and Timothy for sharing the eggs you found with my girls.  At least they didn't have to leave empty-handed.

It was really a last-minute decision to take them to the City Easter Egg Hunt, anyway.  They knew I would probably put together a family Easter egg hunt later, so they decided they didn't mind so much.  We did end up having our own hunt for Family Home Evening on Monday, but I didn't take any pictures.  I stuffed so many eggs, we invited our neighbors the Nielsons over, so my kids wouldn't have dozens of eggs to themselves.  That was fun, and everybody's buckets were full.  Happy Easter!

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