Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hiking and Hunting (Easter 2011) Part1

Okay, so I decided to make the hunting a separate post.  There's enough pictures here as it is.  During our Easter visit with Matt and Danalee last year, we decided to hike to the top of the mountain behind their house.  We never actually made it to the top; it just kept getting further away the more we climbed.  But we had a fun little picnic and then headed back down.  It was pretty chilly.  Once we got moving we were fine, though.  These pictures are a combination of pictures taken by me, with my camera, and pictures Rachel took, or had other people take, with her camera:

seeking the elusive mountaintop

water break

"What do you think of that picture?"

Tyler is not going to be too happy with me for posting this one.  And, where did she get those socks?

We hiked for quite a ways, entirely uphill with fairly steep terrain the whole time.  Finally, we realized we were not as close to the top as we had thought when we started, so for the sake of the kids, we headed back down.  It was a fun hike anyway, but I bet it would have been impressive to look out at the beautiful Colorado scenery from that high vantage point.  Oh well.  We decided we should try to tackle it another day.  Too bad that day never came.

Once again, I have to tell you how glad we are we got to spend that time there with Matt and Danalee in their beautiful home in Colorado.  My girls keep saying they want to go visit them again, but they are sad that Matt's family is now so far away.  We love you guys.

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