Thursday, March 15, 2012

An afternoon in Canyonlands

It's Spring Break around these parts, you know.  And I have been determined all week to do something fun with my kids.  As the days here have progressed, though, kids have slept in, invited over friends, and made grand plans that didn't include the rest of the family.  This morning I arose early--early for Spring Break after this blasted Daylight Savings time change--at 7:30 a.m. and started to make breakfast.  Now, I don't usually make breakfast, Spring Break or otherwise, so I guess I was pretty serious about doing something today.

After we ate, I informed the kids that we were going to Canyonlands National Park.  Cole protested; he had plans with his friends.  Then, when he realized he wasn't getting out of the family outing, he insisted we leave earlier, so we could get home earlier.  All afternoon, he reminded us we needed to get back to Blanding, so he could hang out with his friends.  Still, I think for the most part, he and the rest of the crew managed to have a pretty good time.

 Rachel writing in her journal
 Olivia working on earning her Junior Ranger Badge

 All our smiling faces
 Tyler was happy to get to borrow the Junior Ranger Adventure Pack
 Olivia takes this Junior Ranger business very seriously
 Mesa Arch is pretty dang cool.  Definitely worth the short hike.
 Even Cole thought so
 The girls checking out the scenery

 Olivia refused to climb up there

 Cole showing off on top of the arch

 The girls got up there, too

 This was as far as Olivia was willing to go
 I am not thrilled with this new camera of mine.  It seems like it can never figure out what to focus on.  And the light is all screwed up whenever I try to use the manual focus.

 Grand View Lookout
 This is the issue with the light I was talking about

And here we are back at the Visitor Center, having a serious discussion with the Ranger before he awards the girls their badges.

It was a perfect day to be out there, just under 70 degrees, bright and sunny with minimal wind.  I would have liked to have spent a little more time, to get to check out a couple more hikes or scenic views, but I guess we will save those for another day.  Thanks, mom, for the snacks.  They were perfect!  We had a lovely picnic and then a pleasant drive home.  We will definitely be visiting Canyonlands again!

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Kristy said...

We should of gotten together-I ventured out there on Monday and took my kids too. It is gorgeous out there and I had never been-sad huh. I too have been trying to do things with my kids around town all week so they do not end up in front of the tv or computer all day. We have also went out to Comb and hiked around and out to cottonwood and played in the freezing water. Fun times. We are so blessed to live in such an amazing area where we can do all of these things.