Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two years ago in Arches

Man, when I look at these pictures, it makes me think of that song, "I see skies of blue . . . clouds of white, Bright blessed days. . . dark sacred nights, And I think to myself what a wonderful world."  We have GOT to get back to Arches again.  It is so amazing!  This was two years ago.  I can't believe that, but then I look at my kids in these pictures, and yeah, it was that long ago.

Do you see the Double O Arch?  Each time we have visited Arches National Park, we have discovered more things we want to explore there.  Also, my girls completed the Junior Ranger activities, but by the time we finished our day there the Visitor Center was closed so they couldn't get their badges.

It was a warm Spring day and we were happy to find a shady spot

Britt tried to climb up and through where the kids were climbing, to get up inside the top arch, but he didn't quite fit

Who is that pretty brown-eyed girl?

He scrambled up over this rock instead

Here they are inside the arch

A good-looking bunch (Rachel stayed below with me)

Olivia and I are posing in the lower arch

Tyler on the edge

The kids and I.  Can't believe it was just two years ago.  Look at how much they have changed!

My little monkeys

Once again, we have purchased a National Parks Pass.  So I am thinking we need to get serious about using it before it expires.  It cost a pretty penny.  But I suppose as long as we go to at least eight parks this year, then we can justify it.  I hope we can hit even more than that.  We definitely need to spend some more time in Canyonlands, too.  And I would like to explore Zions a little more.  But there are several others not too far away we need to check out, if we can.

What a wonderful world we live in!

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