Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tyler also played volleyball last year

I am not going to say a lot about these pictures.  I should have posted about this a year ago, but I didn't, so here you go now.  We had our first experience with JO Volleyball when Tyler told us she wanted to play last year.  We didn't know where the notion came from; she said she heard an announcement at school.  Anyway, she really wanted to play, so we signed her up.  She had a really fun team and we enjoyed getting to know the girls' parents more as we watched them play at the various tournaments.  Tyler couldn't get a serve over the net except for during practice all year, but at her last tournament, she finally got it over.  Then, she got it over again!  Then, she ended up scoring the winning point in their final game of the tournament and they took first place!  It was awesome!  You seriously need to look at all these pictures.  Tyler is fun to watch.

Their coach was Cheyenne Adams (now Cheyenne Low).  In this picture, Tyler is sandwiched between Cheyenne, her daughter Ashton, and her other daughter, the assistant coach, McKenzie Adams (now McKenzie Johnstun).  Cheyenne made the cute flowers and headbands for the team.  They may not have been the winningest team, but they sure looked good.

"We're Number One!!!"

Britt was doing the math the other day, when we were watching the girls play in their last JO Volleyball tournament this year, and if Olivia plays JO Volleyball through 8th grade, we have seven more years of JO Volleyball to look forward to.  And if she plays in high school, 11 more years of volleyball.  He is so excited.  Actually, he went to every one of the girls' tournaments this year, and he is their loudest cheerleader (especially when the officials can't figure out how to score their tournament and try to give our second place finish to a team we beat).  It is going to be a fun 7-11 years.   :)

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