Friday, August 26, 2011

Be Cool: Vote 4 Cole

It was an election week at the middle school. Cole informed us last weekend that he wanted to run for 8th grade representative on the Student Council. He also informed us that his best friend, Preston Macdonald was running for the same position.

How do you run against your best friend? The boys seemed to be okay about it. I even found one of Preston's election stickers in Cole's pocket when I was doing laundry, so he must have been wearing it some time in the week. Too bad they couldn't run together, like co-representatives or something.

My mother helped us create something like this for my brother and I when we ran for student council positions in high school. My goodness, my mom was superwoman! I know I bit off more than I could chew when I decided to make these.

It was quite the project--this is only a few of the 100 little fuzzy guys I created with printed (and hand-cut) sunglasses, pom poms, hot glue and printed sticker labels. It was a busy week. I hardly got anything productive done besides helping the kids with homework and working on Cole's campaign.

This morning, Cole gave out these napkins with Krispy Kreme doughnuts his dad picked up in Orem the day before. Yeah, Britt drove all the way to Orem to pick up doughnuts for Cole's election campaign. Okay, not really. But he did actually drive up and back on Thursday. He left and got back in less than twelve hours!

So who won?

Congratulations, Cole, the new Albert R. Lyman Middle School Eighth Grade Representative! I still wish both boys could have won, but I am pretty sure they are still good friends. I am glad he won, but either way, I am just so glad this campaign week is OVER!

Oh, you know what else? I forgot to mention Cole had several friends helping him give away candy and other campaign handouts. His instructions were for his friends to only give the stuff to kids in the eighth grade (because obviously the other grades don't vote for eighth grade rep). Apparently, a sixth grader asked one of his friends to give her a pom pom person and finally actually paid him $1 for it! So, I guess the pom pom dudes were pretty popular. Cole's mom (and of course his grandma before her) is awesome!

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Morgan-Shae said...

Okay, its official. I have the COOLEST cousins ever. Congrats, Cole!