Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace

Forgive me.  I know it is a lot of pictures.  I just couldn't resist.  It was such a fun play, and there were so many good moments.  Garrett played Dr. Einstein, and I think he had a lot of fun with it.  Other members of the cast included Becca Black and Kortney Johnson as the aunts Abby and Martha Brewster.  Wheeler Heck played Mortimer Brewster, and Liz Meyer was his cute fiancee, Elaine.  Koy Nielson portrayed Teddy.  Elijah Palmer enacted the role of Jonathon Brewster.  Dakota Adams was an unsuspecting old man (and a corpse).  Dominique Sherrow, Katrisa Ward, Talia Kyles, and Rachel Metzger were police officers. 

Elaine and Mortimer visit his aunts 

Elaine explains to Mortimer why she likes attending musicals with him:  "You said I have great legs, . . .and I do!"

The happy couple gets engaged 

Mortimer discovers his aunts' special charity 

In a panic, Mortimer sends Elaine away 

Mortimer almost becomes one of his aunt's "gentleman" 

Dr. Einstein and Jonathan stop in for what they hope will be an extended visit 

"You did this to me!" Jonathan blames Dr. Einstein for his too recognizable, messed-up Boris Karloff face 

Teddy refuses to be bossed around by Jonathon 

Dr. Einstein announces that in "Panama" there is an ace in the hole! 

The aunts conspire with Teddy 

Elaine catches a sneak-thief and almost becomes one of Jonathan's victims 

She is a bit hysterical 

Mortimer tells Jonathan it is time to leave, but Jonathan won't back down 

Officer O'Hara thinks Jonathan has a familiar face 

Jonathan and Dr. Einstein debate the number of Jonathan's murders. 

"They never leave Brooklyn and they have the same number as you." 

The aunts refuse to leave Teddy. 

Mortimer describes the foolishness of characters in plays, 

and ends up enacting that very foolishness himself! 

Jonathan is caught! 

Teddy is ready to go on an African Safari. 

Dr. Einstein tries to sneak past the cops. 

Jonathan taunts his aunts, "At least I know you cannot better me.  We will both only ever have 12." 

The aunts decide to try for number 13 with Dr. Witherspoon. 

And Garrett and Elijah take a bow.

It was fun to watch the actors' progression from the first night to the last.  I missed their final performance on Monday, but I saw the other three nights.  I think Garrett's best performance was Saturday night, but the entire cast had their best show on Friday.  We invited the cast over for a party on Saturday.  Root beer floats, banana splits, and a scary movie.  It was a fun time for all.

We really are grateful that there is a drama program at San Juan High School, and I sincerely hope it is something the district will be willing to continue.  Not every kid can be a student athlete, and I think it is good for these young people to have options.  Not to mention, it is so fun to be entertained by such talented youth!

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Janet Keeler Wilcox said...

I love seeing what high school kids can do, and the cast in this play was super. Such high energy and good character development. You did great Garrett!