Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time for Valentines

We love fun holidays at our house like Valentine's Day!  Okay, the girls and I love Valentine's Day.  At this point, I think the boys could take it or leave it.  We have been getting ready the last several days for this fun day.  Last night and this morning, we finally completed all our Valentine's preparations:

I helped Rachel make this awesome Valentine's mailbox 

We are pretty proud of it.  It opens like it has a real mail slot. 

Olivia insisted on buying "real" Valentines at the store (not the handmade kind) 

Tyler and I made her friends Valentine's airplanes. 

Okay, it was mostly me.  It isn't actually an easy project.  We found these on Pinterest, but we decided to add propellors to the planes.  

Rachel and I also found these on Pinterest, but we added tissue paper to make them tie together a little better.  If I were to do this project again, I would actually make the flowers and leaves out of heart shapes, so it would be even more Valentine's-y. 

Rachel did most of the work on these :)

Did you notice her fingernails in the last picture?  Apparently, the girls also did their own special Valentine's nails.  Tyler even painted hearts on hers.  I had nothing to do with that.

The girls were late for school this morning. 

This is why.  Kind of cute, huh?  Tyler did the Google search and printed out what they wanted all by herself. 

Here's Rachel's.  This is not the best picture, but I hope you can tell it is a braided heart with ribbons.

And now, apparently, I better get busy baking, because these Valentine's cookies are another tradition my kids are hoping will be observed this year:

Happy Heart Day, Everyone!!!

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Chrislynn said...

You are such an ambitious mom! My kids are lucky to get store anything on Valentines. It is all super cute, you did a great job and their hair is AMAZING!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family from the Calls!