Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner at Our House

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas Holidays is spending time with family.  I also love that I live in an awesome home that is perfect for hosting large family gatherings.

One of our Glover Family traditions is drawing names among the siblings and exchanging gifts (when possible) on Christmas Eve.  Chrislynn just got an awesome blender from Kd.  And I got a gorgeous scarf hand-knit by Chrislynn.  Worthy got a promise from me, because I had not completed his present in time for the exchange.

We are all having a ball. 

Worthy is talking about his favorite infomercial products 

This is my parents opening the present from our family (from me) 

There is a story on the back; that is why my parents are hiding behind it:

This is my story:

When I was a kid, I thought my Dad was a celebrity.  I always thought it was so cool when he showed up somewhere with his guitar.  Singing along with the songs he sang are some of my fondest memories.  The best was watching other people react as he sang, "I'm Going Lion Hunting" or The Ant Hill Song in Navajo.  I cannot remember when I first realized that my Dad and Dr. Lobotomy were the same person.  I do remember believing in his alter ego just like I believed in Santa.

The first time Britt met my Dad was at a Blanding Stake Young Women Campout, and it was also his first introduction to Dr. Lobotomy.  Britt and some friends got caught trying to sneak into camp.  All the young women were gathered for the evening entertainment.  That night, the entertainment included a bunch of Monticello High School Wrestlers wearing black sweats and Dr. Lobotomy masks (courtesy of my Dad), dancing to "Singing in the Rain. . .Tooty-tot, tooty-tot, tooty-tot-tot!" on the picnic tables.  That is an image I will never forget.

I love you, Dr. Lobotomy!

I think they like it.  That's me, by the way, with Dr. Lobotomy. 

The kids happily went straight to the kid table with their food 

 And proceded to get social at this social event

 good food--Mom always makes the best

 good company--so glad Chrislynn and Richie and family could make it, and Aunt Nancy, too

posing silly 

 having too much fun

We stayed and played for a little while after dinner.  Tyler entertained everyone with her karaoke machine, and Sophia entertained everyone with her dancing

Here is a picture of me in the gorgeous scarf Chrislynn made for me.  I promise Worthy's gift from me is almost as awesome, or at least it will be once I finish it.  Happy Birthday to Worthy tomorrow!  It is so fun celebrating my big brother Worthy's birthday on New Year's Day and my baby brother Tim's birthday the next day.  Both were the new year baby when they were born, Worthy in Provo and Tim in Monticello.

You think I am almost caught up, but no.  I am not even close.  Still, I am going to try to finish out the events from the holidays and then maybe work my way back to some other things that I missed.  We live a truly blessed life, but it can sometimes be kind of hard to document all those blessings.  Not that I am complaining.  I love it here!

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