Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve Jammies (on Christmas Adam)

It is a tradition at our house to open the pajamas from Grandma King every year on Christmas Eve.  Well, this year we broke tradition a little bit.  We let them open the presents on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve).

Along with the kids' pajamas, every year Grandma sends an ornament for each of the kids.  Included with the ornament is a special story about one of the kids' ancestors.  These ornaments are treasures because they always represent someone special to us.  Here, the kids hang their ornaments before opening their presents:

 Rachel was a little bit jealous that Olivia got Peace Pajamas (and she didn't), but Dad helped cheer her up

The girls posed in their jammies

 and acted silly

and sillier

 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

 purple monkeys for Tyler

pink cheetah hearts for Rachel

Peace out, Olivia!

The funny part of the story is after we opened the presents, they didn't want to wear them that night.  I had to convince them to put them on for pictures.  They were not even on to me, that I had plans to convince Santa to come early that night.  I guess they just thought I was being extra nice that night.  That made the surprise of the next morning that much sweeter.

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