Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the Season Beloved All the Year

Have you missed me?  

Christmas has come and gone.  The break is almost over, and it feels like it just started.  We had a good visit with family here and then we had another good visit with family up north. It has been a good (too short) Christmas vacation.  I thought I would share with you some of my festive Christmas decorations.  I literally got them up just a few days before Christmas, and we left the day after Christmas, so they may stay up just a bit longer, because they really do make me happy.  And to tell you the truth, otherwise my house really is not decorated (as you can tell by the lack of any hanging pictures).  I promise I will post more pictures soon, with actual people in them.  I just love my pretty Christmas-y home!

Happy Holidays!

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Shari Rutter said...

Beautiful decorations! Did you make all the stockings? One of my favorite pictures was of the decorated pussy willows. I love pussy willows they remind me of my Grandma--Myrtle Karren. Leave them up and enjoy them a while :) since I have to start taking mine down :(.