Saturday, December 10, 2011

Traditions--Hunting for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Every year, our family purchases a tree permit and heads up on the mountain to find our Christmas tree.    We have followed this tradition since the first year Britt and I were married, and we went tree hunting with Grandpa Worthy.  I just realized I don't think I ever posted last year's tree hunt pictures, so I will have to add those later.  On year, several years ago, Garrett announced that part of our tradition has to include going somewhere in the snow to get our tree.  Honestly, I think he has kind of gotten over the idea that there has to be snow, but somehow that part of the tradition has stuck, as well.  Yes, there have been times we nearly got stuck in the snow.  Last year, we actually couldn't find enough snow and it was a bit tricky driving the snowmobiles up the mountain road in search of our tree.  The snowmobile part is the newest addition of our tree hunting tradition, thanks to Britt (and Bruce Lyman for loaning us the other sled).  I guess he didn't think the year we almost got his truck stuck was very fun. ;)

Cole was happy to drive one of the snowmobiles, even though he had to shuttle a couple of his sisters up the mountain.   He is hoping we will buy him his own snowmobile--spoiled kid. 

I wished I had the camera with me while I watched this crew coming up the road below me.  Britt had brought me up to scout out a tree and then he and Cole went back to where the kids were playing in the snow, and they brought them up to me.  Unfortunately, I had left the camera in the bag on Britt's snowmobile, so the image of those kid-loaded snowmobiles coming around the corner on the snow-covered road below me is an image I just get to keep in my head. 

There's my snow model, Rachel again 

Tyler grins 

Garrett's cool 

checking out trees up on the hill 

Cole rolls down the hill 

I guess playing in the snow requires goggles, too 

Rachel rolled down the hill, also.  No, I did not forget to rotate this picture. 

"Wow, that tree is tall!" Olivia says. 

Mom thinks it is just right, so Dad starts sawing.

And Tyler uses the cast off bottom branches to make reindeer antlers 

Olivia is too cold.  She doesn't think she likes our tree hunting tradition 

Garrett's just waiting

Some of us posed in front of the cut tree.  Isn't it pretty? 

And then we set the timer on my camera and got a picture of everyone. 

Here is a better shot of the tree, with two pretty girls in front of it.

Do any of you name your Christmas trees?  We just heard from someone who has a tradition of naming their Christmas trees in their family.  We are considering adding that to one of our family traditions.  What do you think?  I will admit, I have a hard time naming our family pets, so I don't know if I could come up with an awesome enough name for this gorgeous tree.  But maybe. . .

I promise I will post pictures once we have the tree decorated.  My poor girls have been anxious to decorate it since we brought it home last night.  This morning, Britt and I went to the temple and then decided to keep going to Cortez, to get some Christmas shopping done.  The girls are kind of irritated with us for making them wait, but hopefully they will like the new lights and the garland we got for the tree.  It's beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas!

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