Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Days When Girls Basketball Took Over Our Lives

{otherwise known as November}

During the month of November, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, Britt and I moved into the Wellness Center.  One or both of our oldest two girls would be playing a game or two.  We were often there from 5 until 8, parked in our folding chairs while we watched both of our girls play basketball on separate courts.

Tyler and Rachel are not especially competitive (except when it comes to each other) and Tyler was definitely the smallest player on her team, but I think they still had a lot of fun.  They had good coaches, and the other girls on the team tried to make it fun for them.  Tyler's team actually only lost one game.  Often, her team would lead the other team by a huge margin.  They even got to the point where they would spend the last quarter of the game trying to get the ball to Tyler to give her a chance to score.

I actually witnessed the same thing happen in one of Rachel's games as well.  The other team had only scored a couple baskets, and almost everyone on her team had made a basket during the game.  So, their goal was to get the ball to Rachel.  But the other team was on to that strategy, and stripped the ball from her every time.  Then, she finally held onto the ball long enough to toss it up for a basket.  Score!  I was so busy watching, I didn't get the picture fast enough.  Go, Rachel!

Unfortunately, I was also too slow with the camera to get a team picture for Rachel.  I was busy watching Tyler play at the same time Rachel's last game ended.  Then, I realized other people were taking team pictures, but most of Rachel's team had left at that point.  Since Rachel's good friend (and one of the leading scorers on her team) Taisiah (pronounced Tajya) was still around, I had the two of them pose for a picture.

Apparently, the cookies are an important part of Tyler's team.

All in all, it was a fun experience for everyone.  Britt and I even started getting up early (5:30 a.m.--craziness!) to take our kids to the Wellness Center and work out.  I think that was also good for the girls, to get some time working out with their dad, and learn a few more basketball basics.  They didn't always get to put what they learned into practice on the courts during game time, but I think they came to love the game more.

Now, we have moved on to JO Volleyball.  Good times.

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Becks said...

JO Volleyball was always my FAVORITE! I will miss it this year!!!