Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Lee!

On Saturday, December 17, the Lee family celebrated their patriarch at a surprise birthday event.  I believe he turned 80 this year, and his birthday was actually a few days later, but it was a great chance for all of us to get together and honor him.

This first picture is when he walked in to see all of us wishing him a happy birthday.  Surprise!

here we are cheering and singing "Happy Birthday to You!"

getting hugs from family 

 cousins hanging out

enjoying a delicious dinner 

and goofing off 

it looks like Monty hasn't quite figured out planking yet 

Grandpa's favorite 

The cute couple 

with one of their gorgeous granddaughters

Okay, I will admit I don't actually know how old Grandpa Lee is, but we love him.  And we really loved seeing several of our family members for this special occasion.  I promise I will post the family pictures that we took that day soon.


Becks said...

It was his 80th birthday! Thanks for posting the pictures, Nan...wish I could have been there!

Sher said...

That was a good day. Thanks for posting the pictures. Making time for family needs to be our priority. The kids also had a blast, it was good to see ya all. Becky why didn't you come all the way down from We missed ya.