Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A few pictures from our Hawaii trip

I will compose a real post (or a few) about Hawaii some time this week.

I guess I am still recovering from my vacation.


One of the waterfalls we visited; we wanted to hike down to the pool, but we were told we could get fined for trying

Tree tunnel road.  This picture was taken as I stood up in a moving jeep (with the soft top removed). 

Isn't he cute?  He was a big guy.  I swam with a couple of these guys later in the week.

See the monk seal just leaving the beach.  Apparently, they have lots of very sharp teeth.  You should not try to pet a monk seal.  You can get in a lot of trouble. 

The roosters ruled the island 

 Kilauea Lighthouse was really pretty

One of many, many gorgeous beaches (we didn't even visit all of them there).

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