Friday, January 6, 2012

More Pictures from Grandpa Lee's Birthday Bash

You would think these five kids were still in grade school:

I guess this is the best one I got 

the "kids" and their spouses 

David and Karleah Lee and some of their family

Monty and Lana Lee and some of their family 

Laura (Lee) and Bob Robbins and some of their family 

Larry and Susan Lee and some of their kids 

and grandkids 

Carol Lynn (Lee) and Joe Barton with some of their posterity 

one last shot of Grandma and Grandpa with one of their great-grandchildren

We are so grateful to have grandparents here in town.  When I was growing up, most of my great-grandparents had already passed away, or lived so far away, I didn't really know them.  It's been a few years since Grandma Lee was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  Sometimes that makes it harder for us to spend time with them.  We used to head out to Grandpa Lee's cabin fairly often in the summers, but the unfamiliar area and the rowdy great-grandchildren tend to make Grandma nervous.  Still, it is so fun for my children to get to know their great-grandparents.  And as you can see, they still have a lot of love to give to the little ones.

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Sher said...

love it Nan. Pictures last forever.:)