Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soooo tired, in a good way.

Hawaii is, in a word, spectacular.

I have so many more pictures to share with you. You may have heard the scenery here is amazing? Yes. Oh, yes. So amazing, beautiful, phenomenal. My photos do not even come close to doing it justice. I will share a few with you later, though. I promise.

What have we done so far? Snorkeling. Driving. Some hiking. Waterfalls. Hanging at the beach. Taking lots of pictures. Reading. Watching movies. Laughing. It's a fun bunch we are here with. I don't know everyone's full names. We just met most of them. We were invited by Jeff and Alisa Nielson. The rest of our party are friends and hunting buddies of Jeff: Mike and Kellie Roring, Doyle and Carin, Torry and Kathy Brock, Court King and Gina, and Olin and Jacki.

We attended church on Sunday. The first of the two talks given was excellent. She likened going on a vacation without using smart phones or other guides to plan ahead and make informed choices about where to eat and what to do; to going through our lives without seeking and following revelation. You just end up going to whatever you see, kind of aimlessly, and often your experience will be hit or miss. Why take the risk, when those tools (revelation) are available to us, she said. It made a lot of sense. So nice how the church is true everywhere. It was a lovely way to start our week here.

Yesterday, we saw some waterfalls, looked for a couple lighthouses, drove to a couple different beaches, through a tree tunnel, and saw a sea turtle on the shore. Today, we saw a monk seal on the beach outside our back yard. I got pictures before it swam back into the ocean. Part of our party (no, it wasn't Britt) got a little too close to the seal and were soon informed by a wildlife protection volunteer that there is a $25,000 fine if you are caught in close proximity to a monk seal. You must be at least 25 yards away from a monk seal and even more than that away from a sea turtle. Good to know. We don't need any more fines, do we, Britt?

We spent some time sitting in the sun. Then we took Jeff to the only dentist we could find open during the Martin Luther King holiday. He needed a root canal. He has been miserable since we got here. While he was getting drilled, Britt, Alisa and I enjoyed a yummy lunch at a tasty bistro in Kilauea. We also got to check out a lovely lighthouse down there, and do a bit more whale watching.

We headed on over to Princeville, where we checked into the zip line tour there. On then to Hanalei, looking into surf lessons. Down. To Tunnels Beach. We investigated a few other beaches along the way. Just so you know, the North Shore of Kauai is freaking gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous. The scenery, the towns, the homes. We are definitely looking forward to spending more time up there.

Life here is good. Yes, I am tired. It is a good kind of tired. So good.

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Kristy said...

K I am totally wondering why I wasn't invited-lol! We did actually go to Hawaii just over a year ago and it is so beautiful and amazing over there. Clint and I seriously almost bought a time share over there because it is so gorgeous and fun-expensive-but so worth it! Hope the rest of your vacation is super enjoyable. Thanks for sharing