Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colorado Road Ride--Day One: Blanding to Steamboat Springs via Telluride, Rifle, etc.

Wow, it is so good to be in our motel room in Steamboat Springs tonight! So nice to not be on a motorcycle right now. Don't get me wrong. I love being with my husband and seeing all these beautiful sights. But being on the road for 11 hours (including stops) is definitely long enough for me. We left Blanding at 9:00 am and pulled into Steamboat Springs at 8:15 pm. Yeah, it is good to be here.

Sights we saw today:

A lot of trees.
Rivers, lakes and creeks
Historic homes
A car in our lane that almost killed us (that was actually a time it was GOOD we were on a motorcycle and not in a car, because we were able to veer around them)
Lots of corn and other crops
Wet roads

Animals we saw (mostly I saw):
lots of crows
lots of magpies
lots of cows
a herd of elk
some deer (various places)
a beaver
a red fox
a muskrat
prairie dogs

I did not take very many pictures. We were mostly on the go the whole day. Tomorrow should be a little more mellow.

I have to say I am really grateful that we missed the rain today. On three separate occasions, we came through places where it had obviously just rained, but it was over once we came through. We know we missed a big hailstorm because someone at a gas station told us they had passed through one in the direction we were going. We were also told we missed a monsoon by 30 minutes when we pulled into Steamboat. So, those of you who were praying for our safety THANK YOU.

I guess we will see if the picture posts, too. Maybe I will update you tomorrow.

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