Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Four: Loving Colorful Colorado

Yesterday was an eventful day.

We left Boulder around 10. Headed up a canyon road, following a river. We stopped and hiked to some beautiful falls. Then on the road again. Lots of gorgeous mountain scenery. More lovely wildflowers.

We passed by more lakes and fishing streams. Then we drove through a town in the middle of the mountain, full of casinos. The town was called Blackhawk and it was hopping. Several cars coming there from both sides. Most of the casinos looked pretty new, like built in the last five years.

After that we headed up to Mount Evans, which was about 60 miles out of the way, but absolutely worth the detour.14,200+ feet high up. I heard someone say it is the highest paved road in America. Don't know if that's a fact, but pretty high for sure.

After Mt. Evans we ate in Idaho Springs. Yes, that's in Colorado.

On the road again. We were riding over Loveland Pass when we saw another biker go off the road. Our men helped him get his bike out and then we followed him to a nearby town.

On our way again, we opted for the quickest route, which included Monarch Pass where we got rained on. Trying to put raingear on in pouring rain is tricky, just so you know. We were so glad to pull into Gunnison at 8:30.

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