Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Two: Riding Mountain Passes Around Steamboat Springs

Today our plans included a ride up to Laramie, Wyoming. Plans change. Our crew looked around Steamboat and decided they wanted more time to just enjoy hanging out here. So instead we road some nice windy mountain roads down south of Steamboat.

We didn't stop much and we didn't take it easy. We were back in Steamboat by 1:30. Went to lunch at Backcountry Provisions. Britt and I shared a delicious turkey sandwich. We later found out it is the most recommended sandwich place in town. It was really good.

Then we did a little window shopping downtown. Went back to our motel for a nap. And took our own mini ride on a mountain road (dirt road), Buffalo Pass where we had a really nice view looking down on Steamboat.

Dinner at the Ore House. Britt made reservations last week. He knew it would be good. He ate there when he was here with his buddies in February for a big snowmobile trip. The trip where he came home with a couple broken ribs. But he had an epic good time before he hurt himself. How many days were you home then before you admitted to me that you were in extreme pain, Britt?

Dinner was sooo good. That really is one of our favorite parts of these trips. We like to find new places to eat good food. Sometimes we find amazing food that rocks our taste buds and makes us wish we could go back to that restaurant back in Crescent City, CA. Maybe we could start doing food reviews along the way on our road rides. If I wasn't texting these blog posts I would give you more info.

The Mexican food we had yesterday in Telluride was also crazy good, and the burgers we had last night here at a place called Big House Burgers were so big, we had to cut them with a steak knife to eat them.

After dinner, we came back to our motel, the Inn at Steamboat. I purchased a deal on LivingSocial Escapes that got us the room for 2 nights for the cost of 1. And it is a nice place. Kind of like a renovated condo building, just a little nicer than a basic hotel. We have enjoyed being here two days. The room is clean, nicely decorated, and the bed is ridiculously comfortable, not just because we are exhausted from riding the motorcycle. I like it here.

The ride will be longer tomorrow. I am hoping for more stops and more picture opportunities. It is time for me to get comfortable in this lovely bed. Goodnight.

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