Thursday, September 22, 2011

John Thornton Cross Country Invitational (and the sun was even shining)

For the past few years, the San Juan High School sponsored Cross Country Race in Blanding has required a change of venue from the regular course at the college to the track at the high school because of heavy rains.  Not this year!  The sun was shining brightly and the temperatures were 80+ degrees.  It was a good day to run.  (By the way, this was yesterday).

The race started with the middle school runners.  Eva is on the team this year.  Here she is waiting to run the race, with her friend Ashley Berrett:

 Aren't they cute girls?

 this is Ashley crossing the finish line

 Eva's cousin Rhiannon and Eva race to the finish line

 Go, Eva!!!

 The junior varsity team prepares to start their race--SJH is pretty well-represented, don't you think?

 And they're off!

Wait, never mind.  One kid got tripped, so they had to start over.  Brayden Meyer still had a good race, even after really scraping up his hands

 And they're really off!

 Go, Garrett!!!

Coming across the finish line

Garrett definitely had a better run today, even though he was feeling a little bit sick afterward.  He felt good about his race.  He is improving and that is good.

The team did well, but I don't know what the final team scores were.  Thanks, Grandma Gail and Grandpa Worthy for coming out to watch your grandkids.  It was a fun day to run.

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