Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Love Olivia!

Seven years ago, this pretty little girl redefined what 9/11 means at our house. She is our precious Olivia Hope, our sweet reminder to live our lives with hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for more love, more joy, more peace. She sure brings plenty of that into our lives now, except maybe the peace part! ;)

Today, we celebrated this darling daughter's birthday. Today, we experienced full force the drama of having three little girls. Three little girls who had a hard time sharing. Little girls who were jealous. Little girls who were bossy, name-calling, hurtful. And little girls who were sweet, sharing, loving. Coming full circle over and over again. My mother is just nodding and smiling. She remembers those days quite well. Talk about coming full circle. I still think it is funny that I had my girls in July, April, and September, just like my mother's daughters--red, white and blue birthstones.

We love Olivia. We are so grateful she joined our family and so happy to celebrate the many blessings she brings to us. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


Chrislynn said...

I never realized that your girl's and our birthday months corresponded like that. That is interesting. Happy late birthday little Olivia. You have a place in my heart, being the third of three girls, and all. I hope it was a great day!

Lesli said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Olivia! I too can relate to the memories of having 3 little girls - sometime I am amazed that they all survived :) I am so excited they are learning to be friends now...