Saturday, September 3, 2011

X-Country Time Again

It is that time of year again. It is still a little weird to me that the kids are back in school. Cole is busy with eighth grade football. Garrett has been going to cross country practice. We are already staying up until ridiculous hours of the night trying to stay caught up on homework. It is insanely hot outside (finally!) and I am just wishing I could have my lazy summer back, just chilling at the pool.

Garrett has not run very much this summer, so he is just figuring out this running thing all over again. Last year, as a freshman, he was actually right on the edge of making the varsity team. He was only a few seconds behind the kid who made the last varsity spot. And he was right up there with them in some of the races. He was definitely a key player in the success the Junior Varsity team enjoyed last year.

Britt and I drove down to Richfield Wednesday to watch Garrett and his teammates race. The girls team took first and the boys team took second. We hope Garrett will be able to enjoy this Cross Country season, even if he is not one of the fastest on the team. Run, Garrett, Run!!!

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Lesli said...

I hope they all have a great season!!!