Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Three in Mexico

The third day of our trip was Monday. I don't know why, but I have very few pictures of this day. I guess I was too busy playing in the water to get any pictures of the experience. Lisa, was Monday the morning we went to that presentation, or was that Tuesday?

Let's see if I can remember what we did that day. I am pretty sure we played down at the beach. I also know we spent some time in the pool. I remember there was a moment when I thought, Are we really going to spend this entire time hanging out on the beach or at the pool? And the answer was Yes, yes we were. And it was awesome! On our last day there I actually felt like I couldn't get enough beach/pool time in. I was sad to see it end.

See what our awesome maid created for us. Unfortunately, we never used those towels, so she didn't get to create something new.

the girls loved this one

and this one

the Macdonald girls and their friends had fun doing cheerleader lifts in the pool


That afternoon, we started a second Washers Tournament. Since I didn't take any close up shots, I will just have to describe it to you. There were four wooden boards, kind of like the kind you see for bean bag toss games. There were five holes cut out of the boards. The middle hole was worth five points, the bottom two were 3 or 4 points, the top two worth 1 or 2. You played in teams of two, drawn randomly by Megan. The first day I was on a team with Garrett, and neither of us had ever played the game. The second day, Britt and I were a team. There was potential for that to be really bad or good, depending on how things went for us and how competitive we were feeling. But it was all just fun. I will explain more about our partnership in a minute.

Okay, so we played in teams, positioned diagonally across from each other. Each team had five metal washers and we would take turns throwing toward the board across from us. The goal was to get 21 points between our ongoing throw attempts, put never more than 21. That meant if your team had 20 points, you had to aim for just the 1 point hole. If you went over 21 points, you had to start over, at 1 or 3 or how ever many points you went over. Also, each team took turns and if you got a washer into the 5 point hole and then completed your turn and then the other team also got a washer into that hole, it would just negate your points. So it was not just about accuracy but also strategy and teamwork. Another rule was if you had extra washers after you reached 21 points, and the other team did not negate any of your points, you had to hit the board with your extra washers to complete the game. Often, this resulted in a washer going in and teams having to begin all over. It was really fun.

Britt and I came back from the loser's bracket and won the Washers Championship. We celebrated each of our wins with a kiss (No, we did not do that with our teams the day before, of course), and we ended the championship with an all-out make-out session on the beach. Okay, I am kidding. But we did celebrate. Lisa says it is a good thing we won, because Scott and Paul had planned to streak down the beach if they took the championship.

It was another fun day in Mexico. We also enjoyed some non-alcoholic pina coladas and strawberry daquiris, and some yummy nachos, poolside.


Kristy said...

Nan, it's so fun to be able to read your blog again. I really did miss reading lots of blogs after we all went private, including yours, so it's good to be able to catch up with you, especially since Briona was with you guys in Mexico, and she didn't hardly take any pictures. So thank you so much for posting about it. It's been way fun to see what you guys did, even though she told me all about it and even e-mailed me a few times, it's way better seeing it from your perspective and getting to see all the pictures. Your awesome!

Nan said...

Kristy! I am so happy to see you here. I have missed being able to read your blog too, but I understand your reasons for needing to take it private. I am glad you are enjoying the posts about Mexico. I am going to try to get them all up this week.

Hey, are you coming to the class reunion on July 2nd? Have you heard about it? It is at the Lamplight from 7:00 to 9:00. It should be fun.