Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls Softball 2011



Well, at least I got one decent picture of each of the girls. Apparently, Rachel stepped on Tyler and she refused to show her face. We were still missing a couple girls in this picture, but I guess that's what we get for trying to improvise a team picture after their last game of the year.

It was really fun for us to watch the team progress from where they were when they first started playing in May to how they played in their last two games last night. More girls got to try their hand at pitching and other positions. They had some good catches and some big plays, whether it was throwing the ball to first base or tagging someone to get them out. When I say the girls, I don't actually mean my girls specifically. Tyler and Rachel still have a lot to learn. But their team had fun. They had some great cheers, and they were all very positive with each other. We are thankful to Corey and Eva Workman for their patience coaching our girls.

I don't know if Tyler and Rachel will play softball again next year, but it was definitely a good experience for them this summer.

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