Saturday, June 11, 2011

New post coming soon

Dear blog,

I just needed something different to be at the top of this page. That other thing is just too raw right now. I know I need to talk about it and I will, but not today. I think I would say unkind things, and I don't want to be like that.

Pictures of Mexico are coming soon. Also, I am going to post a bunch of old stuff. I am now over a year behind on this blog. But I don't like insisting on waiting to post certain things so everything will be in order. I don't write in my journal that way, and I don't maintain my blog like that either. Besides, I prefer to update things closer to when they actually happened. It is definitely easier to tell you about everything right now instead of a year later.

There is a lot, though.

And since I am avoiding the other thing--for now, anyway--I think I will make a point of occupying my time and my blog posts with all the awesome things I do with MY family. I know my life is blessed.

Mexico was wonderful. It was a really nice time with our family and some good friends that we consider family. We are so grateful the Macdonalds included us in their vacation fun. I will post pictures and stuff soon.

Like, later tonight or possibly tomorrow.

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