Monday, November 21, 2011

A Birth Story--Part Four

Yes, there is more to the birth story. I hope you don't mind. Once again, straight from my journal:

Monday, June 14, 1993 (11:30 p.m.) What a precious person I brought into this world! What a divine, peaceful spirit radiated from her beautiful little body. Saturday, she was even more beautiful than she had been the night before. Not much of a conehead, and her face was less puffy and splotchy.

A girl came in and explained the photography package to me. Then she took Cozette out and took her picture. She said Cozette was the best baby she'd done all morning. I'll be waiting breathlessly for those pictures to arrive in a week or so. I'm so afraid that i'll forget her face, her little mannerisms. I really need those pictures to sustain me.

The photographer girl told me she had a lot of respect for me and what a strong person she thought I was. She also told me she thought I looked really pretty.

All the nurses and staff at the hospital were wonderful to me. Kathy works in the Women's Center, so she made sure I got a nice room and good nurses. My stay at the hospital was a really good experience. I could have gone home Saturday afternoon probably, but I wanted to spend more time in the hospital with Cozette.

She's so precious! I know I'm being repititious, but that really is the best description for her. She was such a sweetheart to me.  She was very quiet and trusting. Even when my mother tried to get her to cry by thumping her feet, she only responded with a look of confused discomfort.

So patient and trusting. She just waited meekly for you to fulfill her needs. Even when she cried, she did it only for a moment and then let you remedy the situation. And those all-knowing eyes that seemed to see so much beyond our earthly comprehension.

She's straight from our Heavenly Father. I believe she knew she was only visiting me for that short time and soon she would go on to her family.

We spent all day Saturday with her. I got a lot of rest that night--even though I ran a fever, I guess. I was able to feed Cozette at 4:30 Sunday morning. I need to keep bragging, but I've got to get some rest. . .

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Nan said...

This post I was able to do in Blogger the regular way, using my iPad and Safari, because there are no pictures to include.

But the formatting is messed up, so I will have to edit it on my Mac. At least I know I have some options when I want to blog away from home. :)