Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Birth Story--Part Three

I am breaking my rule today to add another post and show off my early Christmas present.

More from my journal:

June 13, 1993 (9:15 p.m.)

They wheeled me into my room in the women's center, on my tummy--that was really weird. I'm still adjusting to the fact that I can actually lay on my stomach. The nurse there checked me and massaged the uterus down a little--my favorite thing next to cervical exams (sarcasm).

A little while later Kim was able to go to the nursery and pick up Cozette--that's what we called her. She was kind of a conehead then and really puffy and splotchy, but a beautiful baby. She was so peaceful. We got to feed her and burp her. She took to the bottle right off and she was so sweet about eating and trying to burp.

She's a very mellow baby. Wide-eyed, checking everyone and everything around her out. Long legs, long toes. She almost seemed to prefer not being bundled up, so she could spread out her legs. It's no wonder I was getting kicked in the ribs so much. She likes to stretch. But it is unusual for a little newborn to not want to be wrapped tight.

Beautiful long fingers--artistic piano player fingers. She could be a hand model. Actually, as beautiful as she's going to be--and tall, at least compared to me--she could be a professional model. Such pretty, defined lips; they look better on her than they did on her father. She's got my hair and my nose.

The nurse came in to check on her. She was really cold and her heart rate was a little low, so they had to keep her in a warming unit and on a monitor.

I guess I kind of needed to rest then, anyway. Kathy went home and said she'd be back to visit the next day. Kim suggested she go home to do a few things and let me rest. I asked her to stay. We both napped and waited.

Worthy got off work early, like at 10:15 p.m., but he had a rough time trying to figure out how to get into the hospital after hours. He came in at about 11:15 starving, so he and Kim left to get something to eat.

Kim had called my family from the hospital, and they were on their way at 3:00 (but it turned out to be later than that). I waited for them to come. Dr. Isaacson stopped in to see how I was doing. He is a really nice man. Kim is excited to have him as her doctor.

About 12:15, there's a knock on my door and in comes Kd and Chrislynn and Mom and Dad. Tim and Drew stayed home in Blanding. A little bit later, Kim and Worthy were back with their food.

We all went into the nursery to look at Cozette. The nurse said it would be alright if we took her back to the room and spent more time with her and then brought her back. 

Kd cried a lot, holding her. Cozette just looked up at her with her wide blue eyes. "She thinks you're silly," I told Kd.

Cozette was very sweet and mild. She just stared up at all these strange people checking her out. Admiring those long fingers and long toes and kicking feet, arguing over whether her sneeze was a Glover sneeze or an Asay sneeze. She didn't get the Asay ears, my mother noted.

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