Thursday, November 17, 2011


Garrett and his friends are no Fools, but they did a great job of acting like Fools when they performed Neil Simon's Fools at the high school last week.  If you missed it, you missed out.  Every one of them played his or her part nearly flawlessly.  If someone missed a line, or forgot a cue, they all hid it perfectly.  The lights and sound, set and everything else also went very smoothly.  It was really fun to watch.

I caught a picture of Garrett with his friend Brandon after their final performance this Monday.  Brandon, who has always been behind-the-scenes in plays in the past, took on the role of male lead after another student had to drop out of the production.  He did really well, and not just for his first time.

This picture represents the cast and some of the crew.  Most of these kids are sophomores (Garrett's grade) or younger.
Left to right:  Tryston Kartchner, Jennifer Webb, Jessica McDaniel, Koy Nielson, Rachel Metzger, Braxton Brown, Kortney Johnson, Liz Meyer, Dominique Sherrow, Dakota Adams, Becca Jean Black, Samantha Bergeman, Jill Hook, and Garrett.  (not pictured:  Janene Fahey, Zach Jennings, crew, and Ann Jennings, director)

One last picture of the actors hamming it up for the camera (Oh, and a couple crew members, too).  You will notice Garrett had already changed out of his costume.  He played the "Bootcher," Slovitch.

By the way, Garrett is now officially taller than me.  Hooray!  He has gained more than 20 pounds since wrestling season last year.  The wrestling team has started practicing, but Garrett has decided not to wrestle this year.  They increased the lowest wrestling weight from 102 to 108, and there is just no way we can make up that extra 20 pounds in one month.  He is excited to be more involved in other activities this year, including FFA (he wants to be a veterinarian some day) and more drama activities.  It works for me.

Just so you know, my life's dream is that every one of my kids outgrows me.  For so many years, I HATED being tiny.  I think I was probably about 29 years old when I finally let go and quit cursing the circumstances that made me feel like I was looked down on, belittled, and never taken seriously.  Those frustrations may have all just been in my head, but that does not mean they weren't real to me.

I love the handsome young man Garrett is becoming, and hope this growth spurt sees him outgrowing the new pants I just bought him by Valentine's Day (or sooner).   He doesn't fit any of the jeans I bought him at the beginning of the school year.  It's good news (even if it is expensive).

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